Utilising our experience, expertise, integrity and passion to understand the challenges you face in modern day business we can offer a tailor made FM solution, which can truly add value to your business.

We bring to life what happens kerbside within your business. We look at what you do and why you do it, what you like and what you don’t like and find what’s missing to help improve your working environment. We give you and your people an opportunity to shape innovation for your business.

We will start a journey with you and walk through the journey shoulder to shoulder and enhance productivity, how your people see you, as well as providing tangible operational benefits.

Andy Whiting

FM Director

Andy is heading up the FM Division within WorkplaceTeam.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
I would say it’s that moment, when you have done a day in the life of the your customer, truly become emotionally invested in their business and you can see that you are able to help, support and build a personalised solution that will really release the pressure in their working environment.
What’s your proudest achievement?
Professionally, working with customers who have real challenges that essentially keep them awake at night and be able to support them by providing the right solution that releases the pressure points.
What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
I like to relax and unwind, I like to go to live sporting and music events as often as possible.
Tell something not many people know about you…
I like to raise money for charity, there are so many good causes out there, and I consider myself to have a good life compared to some and it good to give back when you can.
It’s that moment, when you truly become emotionally invested in their business and you can see that you are able to help, support and build a personalised solution that will really release the pressure in their working environment.

Afraz Ali

FM Business Development Manager

Afraz's focus is developing strong and sustainable relationships with customers.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
Day in the life, we really do spend a day in the working life of our customers, everyone is different and every solution that is built on the back of it is different.
What’s your proudest achievement?
My family mean the world to me, being able to put a smile on their faces, makes me proud.
What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
I enjoy being active and love sports, so any chance to play football or cricket, I take it.
Tell something not many people know about you…
Many people don’t know that I am a twin.
Any solution should represent true Value for Money.
WorkplaceTeam is part of OfficeTeam, one of the UK’s leading business supply companies. Founded in 1888 as Oyez, our long industry heritage has evolved through acquisition and organic growth. In 2010 we rebranded to form one distinct, single organisation which is now the “OfficeTeam” brand, bringing our professional teams together under one umbrella.
With nine business sectors, OfficeTeam has everything your organisation needs in one place. We’re refreshingly energetic in our mission to reduce the money and time your business spends procuring office products and services.
OfficeTeam is the UK’s third largest business supplies company with a turnover of £140m and 12,000 customers. We are an agile, fast moving organisation, proud of our heritage. We offer customers the advantages of our financial buying power and security.
The breadth of our product portfolio, the depth of our in-house expertise and our strength in the marketplace means we are well placed to support your supply chain consolidation objectives. We aim to reduce your procurement spend without compromising on quality. We’ll help you reduce consumption, improve business efficiency and enhance your green credentials.
Our strong foundation comes from close working relationships with both our customers and staff, enabling us to really understand your needs and ensure we deliver you the best possible solutions. We work for blue chip organisations as well as small, independent companies, across all industry sectors from retail, finance, legal, care, hospitality to public sectors.
  • Norfolk & Norwich NHS Case Study
    "OfficeTeam have demonstrated a high degree of professionalism in delivering this type of service, as well as supplying quality goods for a fair market price. We at NNUH therefore have a large amount of confidence in OfficeTeam’s abilities, and would be happy to recommend them to any NHS trust who would be looking to partner with them. Since this service has been very successful, OfficeTeam now deliver to around 400 locations on a weekly basis."
    Procurement Manager
    Norfolk & Norwich NHS
  • St Austell Brewery Case Study
    "We have saved in excess of 10-15% on like for like purchasing. The largest benefit is the controls we now have in place with regard to product visibility, accountability and authorisation. We believe we have reduced our internal stock levels for workwear, workplace, janitorial and stationery by 60-70%. We completely rely on OfficeTeam to deliver next day. We see OfficeTeam as a very important supplier to our business. We have committed to ordering several product areas from them and so far the service has been exceptional. The improvement of service with timely deliveries is very impressive. Potentially we are looking at using their interiors division in the near future."
    St Austell Brewery
  • Fred Perry Case Study
    “Fred Perry consolidated a number of our business supplies with OfficeTeam and now purchase our business print, catering and general stationery through the OfficeTeam Group. OfficeTeam also helped us source office furniture and organized delivery of a large number of items for our recent office relocation. By using OfficeTeam, we have not only gained great direct financial savings, but also eradicated soft costs through their excellent administration systems. They provide us with greater visibility of our business spend through tailored management reports, centralized invoicing for our stores and Head Office and an online ordering facility which standardises and restricts the products our employees can order. They also provide direct delivery of business supplies to all of our Fred Perry sites across the UK. We also receive regular review meetings from our account manager whom we have been dealing with for 7 years.”
    Finance Director
    Fred Perry
  • Bensons for Beds Case Study
    "There is not one thing to date OfficeTeam have not been able to provide, they offer that little bit extra, that something different. OfficeTeam are truly the complete supplier – we  have evolved as a business and grown with them for over a decade.”
    Bensons for Beds
  • "We enjoyed the strong working relationships with both the OfficeTeam account manager and the Workplace specialist. We’re always working to decrease the soft cost element within the supply chain, and have found WorkplaceTeam paramount in helping us achieve this. If we have an issue, we know WorkplaceTeam offers the flexibility to resolve it in the best way possible. We would definitely recommend the workplace solution to others, as the working relationship with the WorkplaceTeam specialist and OfficeTeam account manager is second to none."
  • Merseycare Julie Ann
    "WorkplaceTeam has provided us with a trustworthy service and have been both timely and efficient with implementation. During this process a great relationship has been established with the account manager making it easier to communicate our requirements. Not only have we been able to consolidate our supplies, WorkplaceTeam have also managed to deliver a reduction in spend by 30%."
    Training Coordinator
    Merseycare Julie Anne
  • Mediline Carers and Nurses
    "The implementation and overall changeover has been seamless. WorkplaceTeam showed that they understood the complex needs of our business, and have given us peace of mind due to the ‘one stop shop’ solution now in place – as well as delivering 15% cost savings and improved efficiencies for our business."
    Steve Harris, Operations Manager
    Mediline Carers and Nurses
  • Lifeways Case Study
    "WorkplaceTeam offers a flexible and responsive approach and we’re very pleased with their service. They also introduced us to a range of sachet system chemicals which showed a cost saving against existing products of around 40%."
  • "We’re very pleased with our partnership with WorkplaceTeam. They have been experts in providing us with the best advice to save on costs and to date we haven’t had any problems. Their turnaround times in providing the items we need are outstanding. We would definitely recommend them to any businesses out there."