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Supply & Cost Reduction

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Training & Compliance

Let’s start our journey together

First by understanding the challenge and then looking at your perfect solution

Before we show you how we will enhance your business by at least 20%

Please take a moment to consider the following questions...

Did you answer yes to any of these questions?

If you did, you clearly prioritise savings, visibility, value for money, service and your people very highly, just like we do. For that reason, our FM solution incorporates each and every one of these elements, plus several other aspects such as rationalisation, innovation, training, and much more.
Our skills and experience are rooted in our

Logistics & Warehousing Capabilities

Utilising our national network, state of the art inventory management systems and specialist procurement, we can manage your supplies and distribute them quickly and effectively via our fully livered fleet, which is managed in house, with employed, uniformed, local drivers - delivering what you want, when you need it.


Some of the companies enjoying our real value and expertise are

  • Fred Perry Case Study
  • Norfolk & Norwich NHS Case Study
  • St Austell Brewery Case Study
  • Bensons for Beds Case Study
  • Mediline Carers and Nurses
  • Merseycare Julie Ann
  • Lifeways Case Study


Incident & Disaster Recovery Experts

On Black or Red Alert?

We have it all covered to give you complete peace of mind


Product Range

As part of the OfficeTeam Group we have access to more than 100,000 FM related products, including own label, branded and environmental. Our specialist areas are...

PPE & Workwear

Gloves, Footwear, Hand Protection, Ear Protection, Hazard Wear, Uniforms

Overview Coming Soon


Chemicals, Consumables, Floor Care, Catering, Kitchen, Equipment, Machines, Laundry

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Site Welfare

Signage, First Aid, Skin Protection, Traffic Management

Overview Coming Soon


Construction, Landscaping, Insulation, Hand Tools

Overview Coming Soon

Want your own branded chemicals, workwear, etc.? Our ability to create any uniquely branded product is one of our most popular services.

Working With You

We operate a number of initiatives to help us get to know your business and deliver long term, high quality service.

We emotionally invest in your business, so when you have a challenge we know exactly how to deal with it.


The Complete FM Package

Want even more?

As part of the OfficeTeam Group we have specialist divisions for interiors, print management and much more, who can add even greater benefits to your existing solution portfolio; you will soon see the incredible results of having a true One Stop Solution, with only...

Service Options

We work with a number of leading organisations and our solutions fall into four categories.

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We are looking to create a strategic partnership with you rather than purely seeing you as another customer; if you are looking for the same and want us to enhance your business through processes, deliverables, reduction in invoices and adding the right service, then...